Photo: Ulrich Ehret

Fridtjof Aurin   Traversos   Düsseldorf

P. Paulhahn, ca. 1750

Flauto d‘amore in  Bb

boxwood with silver key,  a= 415 Hz   

Joannes Hyacinthus Rottenburgh

Brussels, ca. 1720, Piccolo

boxwood with silver key,  a= 415 Hz


original of

this three-piece

piccolo is in the Music

Instrument Museum in Berlin.

It is a very thin-walled boxwood flute

with extremely wide undercut finger holes. The

sound of the flute is therefore astonishingly resonant

and by no means as shrill as normally expected from a piccolo.

Joannes Hyacinthus Rottenburgh (1672-1756) descended from a distinguished family of Brussels musicians and instrument makers. The instruments that have survived from his workshop are above all recorders, flutes and oboes but also two cellos. He was the father of the woodwind instrument maker Godfridus Adrianus Rottenburgh (1703-1768).

For the ornamental rings and the cap, I use a new material which has been specifically developed for my workshop. With its very high density it possesses similar physical qualities to real ivory.