2013 an

original instrument

from Heinrich Grenser’s

workshop has been in my possession.

It is a very well preserved one-keyed boxwood flute.

Only one from the original three or four middle-joints survived.

With this center piece Nr.3 the flute plays at a=435Hz. The instrument

is almost identical to a flute from the Leipzig University Music Instrument Museum.

Since the middle-joint Nr.1 (a=415Hz) from this flute survived, it was easily possible to

re-construct middle-joints for 415Hz and 430Hz.

With its enchanting strong, but exceedingly flexible sound this flute is well suited for empfindsam-style music as well as for the complete early Classical flute repertoire, so long as it can be played with a one-keyed instrument.

With a further middle-joint for a=440Hz, the Grenser flute is well suited for the earlier repertoire of the 18th century, when, for practical reasons, a flute at modern pitch is needed. Unlike a copy of an instrument from the Baroque period, which has been proportionally altered to a=440 Hz for this purpose, this instrument is not a compromise, but a flute in its original tuning with charming tone, balanced intonation and outstanding character.

The tone colour of this instrument varies depending on which type of wood is used. With granadilla the sound is strong and brilliant, with ebony in contrast, more elegant and sophisticated. When using boxwood, like the original, the flute obtains an extremely delightful and colourful sound.

Heinrich Grenser, Dresden, ca.1790

boxwood, ebony or grenadilla

silver key  

a= 415 / 430 / 440 Hz

Photo: Ulrich Ehret

Fridtjof Aurin   Traversos   Düsseldorf